The Edge currently has two solutions available that can be used to integrate our desktop application with an online website or Ecommerce platform:  Edge Data Transfer (EDT) and Edge Connector (ECon).  

The two solutions are quite different.  Please read the overviews below and see their respective sections on the following pages for more detailed information as well as pricing.  The Edge only supports running one of these integrations; you cannot use both at the same time.

Edge Data Transfer (EDT)

EDT is an application that can export raw data and images from your Edge database.  It is then up to your web developer to interpret this data and develop the “bridge” (or “connector”) to integrate it with your website or Ecommerce platform.  EDT also includes import functionality allowing some data, such as customers, wish lists, and sales, to flow back into The Edge.

EDT is versatile but requires you to hire a developer to build the integration.

Our partners, GemFind and Punchmark, have already built their own integrations utilizing EDT.  Because of their familiarity with our software, we offer a discount on the price of the integration application.  Follow the links below to explore the solutions they offer.



Edge Connector (ECon)

ECon is an application that connects directly with Ecommerce platforms (such as Shopify) using their native APIs.  It can upload inventory, synchronize customer information, and download sales back into The Edge.  Currently, the only supported Ecommerce platform is Shopify, but we will be adding more as we continue development. 

enlightenedFor integration stability and to maintain the integrity of your data, this integration is exclusive to SQL Database setups. For more information on the process for upgrading from an Access Database to SQL Database in relation to your specific store setup, please contact Edge Technical Support.

This is an out-of-the-box solution that does not require any custom development work, though you still may want to contract outside help for assistance depending on how hands on you want to get in the setup and ongoing management of your Ecommerce storefront. 

NOTE:  We do not provide training or support for using the Ecommerce site’s backend (i.e., learning their platform) nor can we assist in developing your storefront or customizing your site’s theme and layout.