TracTech Systems has been the leader in jewelry RFID for over 15 years. Giving jewelers the power to accurately scan hundreds of pieces in seconds, search for items, and gather valuable data needed to drive sales while reducing overhead.

With TracTech’s seamless integration to The Edge, TracTech brings unparalleled precision, speed, and control to inventory management. When combined with over 35 years of industry expertise and top of the line service, TracTech is giving business owners the tools to reduce human error and stay focused on growing their bottom line

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How is TracTech integrated with The Edge?

inventory management

Mange your inventory quicker and with more accuracy using RFID technology from TracTech.

Some benefits of integrating your inventory with RFID technology throughout Edge:

  • Tagging inventory items - with re-usable and/or single use tags.
  • Move feature - quickly transfer case locations using TracTech's wand device.
  • Quick POS transactions - cut down checkout time with quick item scanning directly in POS.



physical inventory

Physical Inventory with RFID tags works within The Edge almost exactly like with other tags.  Instead of scanning barcodes or entering item numbers, you'll use your RFID wand to read the tags. 

To learn more about Physical Inventory:

Why is it worth it?

Tag and scan your inventory with speed and accuracy using RFID technology. 

TracTech’s RFID system gives you the ability to maintain control of your inventory directly through The Edge’s built in inventory functions.

With the TracTech integration, you’ll have the tools needed to ensure that your inventory process is efficient, accurate, and streamlined.

What's the cost?

Contact TracTech for hardware pricing and to purchase. Our Admin team can assist with questions about the cost of adding the RFID service.

For licensing and RFID integration service addition:

  • Contact The Edge's Administrative Team

    Please note:  With the addition of RFID service, there is a $500.00 annual fee for continued maintenance on the module, tying directly into your standard EDGE service renewal.

    That fee will be pro-rated for the first year.

To purchase RFID hardware, accessories, and integrating RFID with Edge:

  • Contact TracTech
    TracTech Phone:

    TracTech can provide details on the best hardware and RFID tags to fit your needs. Use the phone number below to call them directly, or visit their website for more information on available products.



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Want more information?

Follow the links below for more information about integrating with TracTech RFID tags.