Service Contract

The Edge Service Agreement offers a variety of benefits for you, and the renewal process is made quick and easy with the help of our Administrative team. Once renewed, you will be issued a new license reflecting the term of your updated agreement.

The Service Agreement fee covers not only Technical Support, but also includes a series of other benefits, such as:

  • Edge Technical Support 
  • Edge Feature/Hot Fix Software Releases at NO Additional Cost
  • Edge Training Vouchers
  • Integrated Edge Add-on Programs
  • Continued Access to*

Continue reading below for a more detailed discussion on how an active Service Agreement allows you to get the most out of your Edge program.

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* accounts are subject to deactivation with expired Service Agreements.

Benefits of The Edge Service Agreement

continued Access to Edge Technical Support

An active Service Agreement grants you continued access to The Edge Technical Support Team. They are available to assist with your troubleshooting needs, as well as answer questions you may have regarding the use of Edge features, selling in POS, running reports, and more. 

Edge Technical Support is your first line of defense with Edge related troubleshooting, error messages, and if your Edge system is down/unresponsive. Technical Support includes Edge Installation, which is available to setup appointments for software installation and updates, as well as installation of supported peripheral hardware devices.


software updates released during your active service term

Furthermore, in addition to continued Technical Support, an active Service Agreement gives you access to all versions of the software released throughout the duration of your agreement.

This means you are eligible to take all Feature and/or Hot Fix updates released at no additional cost. The cost for upgrading is included with your service fees. houses a series of how-to documents designed to guide you through software updates step-by-step. In addition, The Edge Installation team is available to schedule appointments to assist with software upgrades for those who prefer update assistance. Installation appointments are included with your service fees, and may be especially beneficial for larger, more complicated store setups.


expand your knowledge with Vouchers for edge training

Unleash the full power of The Edge and your business with a wide variety of associate and management level training courses. Maintaining your Service Agreement guarantees you receive the periodic training voucher resets you are eligible for; vouchers which grant access to free basic training courses for you and a defined number of employees based on your specific store/station setup. 

Great for brushing up on your current Edge knowledge, holiday POS training for associates, or taking your management skills to the next level with the variety of live online webinars hosted by The Edge Training department, and more. Our Training Department is here to answer questions about currently available training options, as well as point you in the right direction for the training option that best matches your needs and goals.


Access to integrated add-on features developed with edge partners

Take your business to the next level with integrated features from valued Edge partners. Maintaining an active Service Agreement is required for many integrated features, such as:

  • SMS Text Messaging
  • Website Integration and Credit Card Processing Integration
  • Online Reputation Management with Podium
  • Selling Care Plans at POS with JM Care Plan and Montage Jewelry Care programs.

Get the most out of your Edge software with Integrated Edge Partners. Visit The Edge Knowledgebase, linked below, for more detailed descriptions on each Edge Partner and available integrated features. 


Renewing Service Agreements

First step for Service Agreement renewal.

Our Administrative department is available to answer questions you may have regarding the process for service renewal, as well as term agreement details and the cost for renewal. The cost for service renewal is determined by your store's specific setup.

Phone:  (866) 580-3343, Option 7

Click HERE for Service Agreement Terms and Conditions

Further Information and Training Guides

Follow the links below for more information on Edge features, Edge updates, and Training opportunities.

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