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How to sell Care Plans

Increase your Holiday revenue by increasing your care plan attachments at point of sale.  Many users have chosen to partner with both Montage and Jewelers Mutual to offer their customers the peace of mind of care plans.  Often times these users see sluggish care plan revenue and here is why.


Your associates are flat out not talking to the customer about it.

Many associates are hesitant to ask about what they consider an “add-on”.  They are focused on closing the sale and feel that bringing up an additional cost might hurt their chances.  The work around to this, print two prices on your tags!  The first price will reflect the cost of the merchandise WITH the care plan included, while the second will simply be the price of the merchandise.  When showing the customer the piece they will, more often than not, ask “why are there two prices”.  This opens the door for the associate to explain the benefits of the plan and the peace of mind it will bring them.


Associates do not understand how it works and what is covered.

Take time to train your associates on what the plans cover.   Task them to come up with a situation where a customer would have been “covered” had they had a lifetime care plan.  Nurses, Teachers, etc who are constantly washing hands and using sanitizer will need to have their white gold rings rhodium plated more often.  These costs add up quickly to the customer and make the care a no brainer!


Incentivize Your team.

Offer your associates an additional commission for selling the care plans.  Offering $10 per care plan sold or 10% or the price of the plan will increase your attachment rate virtually overnight.  Reward your staff for closing the “complete” sale.


Know your competition 

Big box jewelry stores have been offering care plans to their customers for years.  They often times use them to help close sales against small companies.  Things like, oh you have to pay for rhodium?” and “what happens if you lose a stone?” are often used to plant a seed of doubt about buying at a smaller establishment. 

Jewelry Care Plans allow your customers to wear their jewelry with the peace of mind that if something were to happen they are COVERED.

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