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The Importance of External Edge Database Backups

Is your data at risk? How is your data protected in the event of an emergency?

It is absolutely critical to have an external backup plan in place for managing your data. A backup securely archives the data housed on your server computer by making a copy of your Edge database for restoration purposes which will help protect you from data loss.

External backups, stored either in the cloud and/or hard drives located outside of your physical store, protect you against ransomware, theft, hardware failure, human error, natural disasters, and more.

In case of emergency, The Edge Technical Support Team is standing by to assist with restoring your data, but having a proper backup of your database is necessary to do so.

Visit the Edge Backups section on for a series of articles explaining where to locate the necessary files for backup, verifying successful backups, and backing up SQL databases with Carbonite.

To learn more about data backups for Edge and beyond, including helpful backup strategies, read the article linked below:


Considered the biggest threat to your data and data recovery, ransomware is a form of malware that encrypts your critical data and is then held for ransom by cyber criminals. This prevents you from accessing any of your files, rendering any important applications and your Edge database useless.

Proactive steps to help prevent against ransomware attacks:

  • Never click links or open attachments from email addresses you do not trust and/or recognize
  • Educate employees about practicing safe web browsing and reducing online exposure
  • Frequent file backups to prevent data loss
  • Scan emails for malware
  • Perform regular software and Windows updates**

** Learn about the importance of replacing your outdated hardware and updating your Windows Operating System by clicking HERE. Note that assistance with routine Edge software updates requires an appointment. To request an appointment please email Edge Support at


Read through the informative links below to learn more about this ever-evolving threat:


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