Did you know you can drive store traffic directly from The Edge? The Edge is integrated with marketing partners DriveRetail and SnapRetail to provide the industry’s only integrated marketing solution for jewelers.

The program provides a consistent message and look across multiple communication channels including direct mail, email, social media, and instore signage. Build segmented customer lists based on a number of customer criteria to send highly targeted and truly integrated print and online marketing campaigns - all with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Reap the benefits of increased direct mail response rates, open/click-through rates, and social engagement. Their turn-key solution includes no minimum print quantities, hundreds of free direct mail and email creative designs, thousands of jewelry manufacturer lifestyle images, and pre-written social media posts. Never miss an opportunity to contact a customer!

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How is SnapRetail integrated with The Edge?

Upload customer lists for online marketing

SnapRetail offers targeted customer contact in the form of email and social media.  Because The Edge is now integrated with SnapRetail, you can easily upload your Edge customer lists to SnapRetail for easy, consistent, and on-going customer promotions. Use the Customer Filter found throughout Edge to build your Group/Mailing lists, targeting specific customers for more successful email marketing campaigns.

Target customers for many reasons, such as:

  • Customers who have not visited your store in X amount of months/years.
  • Customers who have spent X amount in your store.
  • Customers who have purchased items from specific vendors.
  • And much more

Edge prime

Integrate the power of The Edge with turnkey marketing by upgrading to Edge Prime for added marketing tools and benefits.

For SnapRetail's Edge Prime users, Group/Mailing Lists can now be set to automatically synchronize with SnapRetail on a daily basis. Any changes made to these lists in Edge will be automatically uploaded to SnapRetail the next time it synchronizes.

With the AutoSync feature, you can create specific saved criteria lists. Upon initial setup of your lists to be automatically synced, Edge will do a one time upload of all customer's which match your criteria. You can then set it to automatically upload any changes (new customers which match set criteria).

Why is it worth it?

Benefit from more efficient, targeted online marketing.

The Edge + SnapRetail integration provides you with the tools needed to help grow your business by way of targeted online marketing. Let SnapRetail guide you to increased sales by way of personalized emails and social media posts, with supporting webinars and resources to maximize your customer reach potential.

What's the cost?

Multiple plans available at affordable rates

Contact SnapRetail to discuss your goals, and a representitive will assist in setting you up with the plan that will best help you achieve these goals.

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