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Corrective Changes


QuickBooks G/L Report - Voided Sales

Voided sales were showing on this report whether you checked the option to include them or not.


QuickBooks Error if Not Open

When setting up QuickBooks in Edge, if you did not have the QuickBooks application open at the same time you would receive an unhandled error exception. The software now displays a message telling you QuickBooks must be running.


Customer Balances Report - Mailing Lists

The Mailing button in the report toolbar was not saving lists created from the Customer Balances report.


Dashboards - Lask Week Omitting Saturday

Setting a Dashboard view to Last Week was not including any sales made on Saturday.


Blind Counts - Excluding Layaways, Takeoffs, Special Orders

The Blind Counts feature was not including layaways, takeoffs, or special orders in the count. Takeoffs and special orders are now included and a checkbox was added to the screen to decide whether you want to also include layaways.


POS - Receipt Total and Tender Not Matching

In some very specific scenarios involving returns and trade-ins, the tender amount displayed at POS did not match with the totals printed on the receipt.


Sales Analysis Reports - Not Including Bulk

The Sales Analysis reports were excluding bulk regardless of whether bulk pricing methods were selected.


Customers - Duplicate Check and Merge

Using the Duplicate Check and Merge function on a customer record would result in an error.


Care Plans - Gift Receipts

Care Plans were not being printed on Gift Receipts.


Jobs Reports - Grouping by Jeweler

On the Job Breakdown and Job Adjustments reports grouping by Jeweler would instead group by the intake associate.


Giveaway Report - Special Orders

Special order pick ups were displaying twice on this report: once as a positive value and once as a negative.


Customer Import Wizard - Missing Account Key

In some cases customers could be imported without having an account key created which could result in errors.


Receipts - Truncated Descriptions

Items with descriptions over 323 characters are automatically truncated on the printed receipt, but this was resulting in excessive amounts of white space on the receipt. The descriptions now truncate properly.


Reimporting Tax Tables - Not Changing Dates

Reimporting a previously imported tax table was not overwriting the Start or End dates.


POS - Tax Changes on Shipping

Making changes to tax on Shipping was not honoring the system option 'Require Permission to Allow Tax Changes at POS.'


Appraisals - Couple Names

Appraisals taken in using the Couple name (e.g. John and Jane Smith) would only print the primary person's name. This only affected appraisals using RTF templates, not HTML.


Moving Bulk Items - Not Updating Location

Using the Move button to move bulk items was not updating their location.


Customer Activity Error - On Order Items

Customer Activity that includes On Order items would result in an error when opening the customer record.


Special Order - Notes Duplicating

Special Order notes were being printed twice on the envelope.


Multi-Store Physical Inventory - Showing 0 Quantity Items

When scanning inventory in a multi-store environment, if you checked the Show All Inventory checkbox it would include items from other store locations that were 0 quantity at your store.


Discounts Below 0.5% Not Printing

Discounts below 0.5% were not printing on the receipt.


Category Edit - Blank Pricing Fields

Leaving a field blank in a row on the Category Pricing tab would result in an error but would not highlight where the blank field was.


POS - Customer Edit Window Cutoff

When editing a customer at POS, the customer record would open with the right side of the window cutoff.


Service Jobs - Notify Phone # Formatting

When viewing Service Jobs with notification phone numbers, the formatting for phone number was inconsistent.


Memorized Reports - Not Honoring Date Ranges

Reports memorized without the user interface were not honoring date ranges.


Multi-Store Levels - In Transit Bulk

When a bulk item has quantity in transit between stores, this quantity was not being reflected under Levels for the receiving store.


Multi-Store - Canceled Bulk Transfers

If a bulk item is in transit between stores and the transfer is canceled, the quantity was not being put back at the originating store.


Dashboards - Associates Changes Not Displaying

If you changed the associates that had permission to view a Dashboard the changes would be saved internally but it would continue to display the old values. This was a cosmetic bug only.


QuickBooks G/L Report - Appraisal Cost

Appraisal cost was posting as a credit when it should have been posting as a debit when the appraisal is picked up.


Joined Items - Deleting from POS

Items joined through the inventory menu (not through POS) could be inadvertently deleted if they were brought up at POS and then removed (i.e. sale canceled). This was related to the inventory system option 'Removing Joined Items at POS' which should only apply to items joined at POS, not items joined from the inventory menu.


Commissions Report - Returned Giveaways

Giveaways that were later returned to the store were not displaying as returns on the Commission report.


Multi-Store - Transfer Report Error

When running the Transfer report, if you selected multiple stores in the 'Store Transferred To' drop-down it would result in an error.


Category - Description Template Error

If you created a description template for a category and improperly formatted the brackets it would result in an error that could cause the software to crash when viewing items. These templates are now validated when saved to ensure proper formatting.


Multi-Store - Moving a Service Job Envelope

When using the Move button to move job envelopes the change was not being flagged for transfer to other stores.


EDT - Customer Merge

When merging customers that have been previously uploaded through EDT, other records associated with these customers, such as wishes, could get stuck in a loop where they would be imported back into Edge every time EDT ran. This is fixed moving forward but old records will require manual cleanup.


Newsfeed - Catalog Downloads

Attempting to download vendor catalogs through their Newsfeed links did not work.


Item Find - In Stock On Ignoring Layaways

When entering an In Stock On date into the Item Find filter, it was ignoring items on layaway in the results.


Appraisals - Company Name

Appraisals taken in using the Company name would instead print the primary person's name. This only affected appraisals using RTF templates, not HTML.


Rewards - Vendor Filter Backwards

When setting up Reward tiers the Vendor filter was having the opposite of the intended effect and vendors that were checked were being excluded. Vendors that are checked should be included while vendors that are unchecked should be excluded.


Item Find - Searching by Item # Error

Entering a non-numeric character into the Item # field would result in a syntax error.


Help - Email Support

The email option under the Help menu was not working.


Customer Merge - Wish List

Merging customers was not updating all relevant customer fields on the Wish List record.


Special Orders - Associate Permission

The associate permission for saving changes to a Special Order was not being checked allowing anyone to make changes.