A new version of The Edge is available!

The Edge

New Features

Employee Schedule

Manage your employees shifts and time off

The Employee Schedule feature is an integrated solution for managing your staff's time utilizing an intuitive graphical interface.

It supports tracking:

  • Shift Scheduling
  • Paid Time Off
  • Unpaid Time Off
  • Sick Time




Item Pricing Wizard

Update prices using Microsoft Excel

The Item Pricing Wizard can be used to update Retail, Current, and Lowest prices on many items at once.

Pricing can be exported to Microsoft Excel, changed, and imported back into The Edge. Prices are updated on a vendor/vendor style basis and all matching in stock items automatically have their pricing updated.

This Wizard also features an Edit mode allowing you to make and apply pricing changes directly from it.




Description Generator

Apply description templates to many items at once

The Description Generator works in conjunction with the Description Templates feature. Templates can be designed for Item Description, Web Title, Web Description, and Item Pre-Appraisals.

Once templates are designed, this feature can be used to apply your templates to many items at once. Learn more about designing templates in our Knowledge Base.




Minor Enhancements


Create Repair Ticket

Repair intakes can now be started from any item or item pickup at POS. This option is found on under the item's More button.


Item Record - Repair History

When items are repaired an entry will now be made on the item record's History tab and the See Service button can be used from here to view the repair.


Customer Activity - View Updated

The customer record's Activity tab has been updated to our newer style.


Dashboards - Layaways on Intake

Additional data values have been added to Dashboards allowing you to count layaways as sales on intake. These will appear with the text "Layaways on Intake" in the list.


Why-In - Store Copy

The Why-In/Promotion selected at POS will now print at the bottom of the store copy of the receipt.


Corrective Changes


Purchase Orders - Similar Styles

If you created a Purchase Order and added a new style to it that you never had before, but was similar to a previously entered style, the system would copy details from the existing item.


10k Report - Sold To

Running this report with Sold To criteria specified would result in an error.


Item Record - Copy Button

The Copy button located near the description box on the item record has been relabeled to Copy Item Details as this copies the full item record, not just the description text.


Category Details - Copy From

When creating or modifying a category detail, copying a detail linked to a list was not retaining the link to the list.


Joined Items - Memo

The software did not allow you to join memo items from the inventory menu. This has been corrected.


Changing Why-Ins - Requiring See Cost Permission

Changing a Why-In/Promotion on an existing sale was requiring the associate have permission to see cost on lists/reports. This has been changed so that this is no longer required. Cost will not display by default anymore, but can be viewed by clicking Supervisor > See Cost which does still require the permission.


Commission Report - Rounding

This report was rounding the groupings to the tenths place but the final totals to the hundreths place. It now consistently rounds all figures to the hundredths place.