New Tutorial Videos Added

Newly Released Edge Tutorial Videos


  • Quotes Video Series:
    • Quotes Full Feature Walk Through - Step-by-step process fully detailing how to utilize the Quotes feature in Edge. Topics include: Setup, working with quotes, and adding quotes to a sale.
    • Quotes Overview and Setup - An overview of the Quotes feature released beginning with Edge version 22.2, with steps for setting up to use in Edge.
    • Accessing Quotes - Where to access the Quotes feature throughout Edge.
    • Working with Quotes - Working with Quotes in Edge, including how to add a new Quote and find Existing quotes.
    • Adding Quotes to a Sale - How to add a generated Quote to a sale in POS.
  • Customer Notes Revamp Video Series:

Click HERE to access these new videos, as well as the rest of the full catalog of currently available Edge Tutorial videos.