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Corrective Changes


JMIC - Error Message with Custom Job Pickup

In certain instances you would receive an error message with JM insurance and pickups involving Custom Job Items.


Update Style - Object Reference Error

Under certain circumstances using Supervisor > Update Style on an item would result in an error.


Selling or Consuming Bulk - Incorrect Cost Results

Selling or Consuming out of stock Bulk was showing the incorrect cost on inventory reports.


Inventory Performance Report - Avg. Age Value for In Stock was Incorrect

The Average Age Value for In Stock was not being calculated correctly on the Inventory Performance by Vendor Report.


Buying Tools - Weekly Buying Plan Resulted in Incorrect Criteria

When running the Weekly Buying Tools reports, the date range selected for the Replenish Report was not the date range being used thus resulting in incorrect data for that report and thus resulting in an incorrect amount for the 'Amount of Funds Recovered' value on the Recovered Funds report.


Frequently Sold Items - Unable to Remove Frequently Sold Item

If an item was marked as Frequently Sold at POS, you were unable to remove this status. If you had unchecked the box and saved the record, the box had reverted back to being checked upon re-opening the record.


Description templates - Details with the Same Name Not Working

If you had 2 details with the same name, when creating description templates the data was always pulled from the first detail.


Shopify - Items Managed by Vendor Style Pulling Images from Sold Items

Items being managed by vendor style were including photos from sold items when uploading to Shopify, when it should only have been pulling photos from in-stock items.


Shopify - Some Item Detail Fields Not Uploading

In some cases an added custom detail field was not uploading to Shopify.


Customer Activity - Not Filtering Correctly

The new Customer Activity screen was not filtering correctly for Notifications and Layaway Pickups resulting in "Can't find sale #" errors.


Customer Activity - See Item on Customer Activity Tab Not Working for Trade-Ins

On the Customer Activity tab, while being able to See Sale and See Receipt, you were unable to See the Item or See Cost for the piece that was traded in.


Description Templates - Trailing Zeros with Ring Size

When using the Description Template Generator, ring sizes were getting extra trailing zeros attached to the end of the ring size number.


EDT - Stone Fields

In some cases, certain stone identification fields were not being exported.


Description Generator - Not Clearing imVoid from ItemMeta

The Description Template Generator was not clearing imVoid from ItemMeta leading to the website tab not populaing when opening the item.


POS - Customer Edit

The Customer Edit screen was appearing too small. It has been corrected now displaying at a larger size.