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Minor Enhancements


Hide Contacts - Now Hides Activity

Hiding a customer's contact information now also hides the information on their Activity tab. The option on the customer record has been relabeled to reflect this


Corrective Changes


Purchase Orders - Not Copying Stone Details

When using the Purchase Order feature to reorder items the stone information was not being copied to the newly received items.


Customer Statements - Canceled Special Orders

Customer statements were inadvertently including canceled special orders.


Employee Schedule - Printing

After printing the Employee Schedule the print preview window would be left open and appear blank.


Commission Report - Care Plans

If you set up the commission on Care Plans to be a percentage of price it would always display as $1.00 on the commission report.


Category Edit - Copy To

When using the Copy To feature to apply tag layouts to other categories the tag media type was not being copied.


Description Generator - Custom Details

If In some circumstances a custom mapped detail field could pull information from the wrong detail.


QuickBooks - Faux Model Memo Out

If you memo'd out a faux model item at POS it would cause an error when running the G/L report.


Customer Import Wizard - Invalid Date Format

If you tried to import a file with invalid date formatting it would fail.


Customer Activity - Repair Photos

Repairs or custom jobs with multiple photos would not display any photo in the Customer Activity tab.


Customer Activity - Defaults

The Customer Activity tab was not correctly saving default settings.


Customer Activity - Opening from Reports

If you opened a customer record from a report hyperlink the Activity tab would be cut off at the bottom.


Customer Activity - House Accounts/Store Charges

House Account/Store Charge payments were showing under Tender instead of House Account on the Customer Activity tab.


Joined Items - Voided Sales

Voiding a sale that contained a joined item was leaving the joined item parts as sold. They will now go back to consumed.


Item Website Tab - Web Details

When adding a new item, you could not fill out the detail fields on the Website tab without first saving the item.


Reports - No Printer Error

Running a report with no printer setup would result in an error. This has now been replaced with a warning instructing you to select a printer.


Reports - Sold Items with Returns

When running the Sold Items Showing Returns report joined items would display with $0.00 price.


Category Add - Editing Defaults

When adding a new category if you loaded default details and then tried to edit them you would get an error.


Pre-Appraisal Not Appearing

Pre-Appraisals were not showing as completed at POS or on the item record unless Value, Short Description, and Full Description were all filled out. Short Description is no longer required.


Adding Items from Invoice - Incorrect Re-Cost

If you added items using From Invoice or Receive Invoice and copied details from existing items, but then changed cost, the re-cost would not get properly updated.


Customer Activity - See Service

Selecting a tender line related to a service and clicking See Service would not open the job record.


Customer Activity - Sorting on Sold

Sorting on the sold column of this tab was not working properly.


Wish List Email - Error

Errors could occur when attempting to email wish lists.


Appraisals - Apostrophe in Notes

Saving an Appraisal that contained a note with an apostrophe would cause an error.


Wish List Email - Error when Filtering

Trying to filter Wish List Emails by in stock items only would result in an error.


Customer Activity - Item Return Error

If you attempted to return an item from the Customer Activity tab that was not returnable you would encounter a series of errors. An item is not returnable if its current status is anything other than sold, e.g. instock (already returned), on layaway, etc.


Item Add - Copy Details

When adding previously entered items, if you entered the vendor style before selecting the vendor the copy details window would not appear.


Category Edit - Details Error

Editing details that were originally entered with no database storage defined would cause an error.


Receipts - Item Description Length

Receipts were not honoring the system option 'Description Length Limit'.