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Corrective Changes


QuickBooks - Changing Category on Assembled Items

Changing the category on an Assembled item was creating an additional posting to QuickBooks that was leaving an open balance.


Joined Item - Not Queuing Tag

When Joining items via the Item menu, a tag was not being automatically queued for print.


Joined Item - Backdated Special Order Sales

Backdating a Special Order pick up and fulfilling it with a previously Joined item would result in the error "The sale date cannot be earlier than the entered date."


Review Sales Receipts Associate Permission

The permission for sales associates to view receipts was not being applied consistently throughout the software and it was possible for associates that did not have this permission to open receipts via the Customer record.


Description Templates - New Details Requiring Edge Restart

When creating new category details and using them in description templates, they would not work properly until The Edge was restarted. They will now work immediately.


Repairs - Adding Photos to History Tab

On the Repair job's History tab, photos can only be attached to user generated notes. Previously, you could attempt to also add photos to system generated entries such as 'Repair Intake' but they would not save correctly.


Multi-Store - Item Update Time

When transferring items between stores, the internally stored 'last update time' now gets updated when the item gets received at the other store. Previously, this value would not change which could mean it would be missed by EDT or ECon uploads depending on the timing of the syncs.


Multi-Store - Associates Scheduling Admin

The Scheduling Admin drop-down on the Associate record was displaying store numbers out of order.


Associate Schedule - Cannot Save after Adjusting Shift

If you accidentally entered a shift where the end time came before the start time, it would pop an error indicating you needed to fix the times. However, even after fixed, the software would not let you save your changes.


Why-In - Doesn't Print on Preprinted Store Copies

The Why-In would not print on the store copy of the receipt when using preprinted receipts.


Customer Activity - Not Updating Images

When using the next or previous record buttons at the bottom of the Customer record with the Activity tab open, the image displayed at the top would not update.


Credit Card Config - MAC Address

When finding devices, the MAC address does not show in the field unless you toggle the IP Override checkbox from checked to unchecked.


Default Web Upload Status - Built, Assembled, Traded

The system option 'New Item Web Upload Status' was not being applied to items created via build, assembly, or trade-in.


Multi-Store - Transfers Print

The Print button on the transfer screen did not work.


Description Templates - Adding Fields in Reverse

When adding fields to your template they were being inserted at the beginning of the template instead of the end.


Repair Task SKUs - Adding an Alias

Adding an alias to an existing Repair Task SKU would cause it to stop showing up in the SKU list.


Repair Task SKUs - Missing Alias

If you added an alias to a Repair Task SKU and that alias did not exist as a SKU you would receive an error each time an item or job record was opened.


Shopify/Multi-Store - Items Managed by Vendor Style not Transferring

Setting categories to be managed on web by vendor/vendor style was not transferring properly in multi-store environments.


EDT - Customer/Web Sale Import

When importing customers and websales via EDT, the customer record was not always updated properly which would prevent the websales from displaying as available for processing at POS.


Description Templates - Incorrect Template Values

In some circumstances with custom details, the suggested description was returning the wrong template values.


Shopify - Image Upload

When setting categories to be managed by vendor/vendor style for Shopify sometimes images would not upload properly. The way images are uploaded to Shopify has been changed and should be more consistent now.


Description Templates - Side Stone Conditional Text

If you created a Description Template that includes side stone information with conditional text (aka text between the curly brackets), the conditional text was inadvertently printing when there was no data present. This text will now only display if data is there.