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Corrective Changes


Sold Items Report - Out of Memory Error

When running a report to see all sold items in the last 365 days, the report could report an out of memory error for some stores.


Customer Find - Out of Memory Error

When using the Customer Find filter, you could receive out of memory errors under some circumstances.


Capitalization on Numbered Streets

If you had the 'Convert Customer Name and Address to Mixed Case' system option turned on the Edge would inadvertently automatically capitalize the first letter in the ordinal indicator of numbered streets. For example, '1st Street' would become '1St Street'.


Unable to Print Specific Receipt Pages

The print option to select what numbered pages to print for receipts did not work and has been disabled. To select pages, instead utilize the checkboxes on the left of the print preview window.


Unable to Remove Appraisal Title

After clearing the Appraisal Title system option, the title would still appear and print on appraisals. This has been fixed but only applies to new appraisals. You can however now clear the Appraisal Title field on the appraisal itself for old appraisals and it will not fill back in.


Item Details - Failed to Enable Constraints Error

If you created a category detail and linked it to a list with a name over 50 characters you would receive a 'Failed to Enable Constraints' error when viewing items in this category. The list name length now supports lists up to 255 characters.


EDT - Transactions Export

When EDT was exporting transactions it was exporting all transactions every time. It now will now correctly export incremental data sets on subsequent runs.


Purchase Orders - Remove MaxiTurn Verbiage

The MaxiTurn verbiage has been removed from the bottom of purchase orders.


Purchase Orders - New Items Missing Web/Stone Info

When using the Purchase Order system to order styles never before in inventory, if you then went into View Item Details and specified Stone and Website tab data this information would not be saved to the new item records when received.


ECon - Shopify Integration Duplicating Images

When updating items on Shopify, images were being duplicated.