A new version of The Edge is available!




Minor Enhancements


Multi-Store - Special Order Tax Option

Added the system option 'Special Order Estimated Tax Calculation' which lets you determine whether Special Order estimated tax is based on the tax rates at the store where the Special Order originated or at the store where it is being edited.


Corrective Changes


Customer Activity - Editing Image Error

If you edited an image via the Customer Activity tab (e.g. editing a Service Job), you would receive the error 'The process cannot access the file ' upon trying to save.


Moving Inventory to Job Locations

The software was not preventing you from moving inventory pieces to locations designated for jobs.


Customer Activity - Exporting All

When exporting data from the Customer Activity tab, all sales were being included regardless of the filtering choices defined at the top of the window.


Repair Task - Tax Permission

The associate permission 'Allow Tax Changes on Job' was added. This is required to make tax changes to Service Job tasks. Previously, there was no security on this.


Emailed Receipts - Discount Missing Decimal

When emailing a receipt that included a discount, the discount percentage was missing the decimal creating misleading discount percentages.


Daily Activity Report - Balance Adjustment Text

The words 'Balance Adjustment' were being cut off at the bottom of this report.


Multi-Store - Scanning Tags

Tags generated for stores 10 or higher were unable to be scanned.


Multi-Store - Transferring to Same Store

It was possible to transfer an item to and from the same store number.


ECon - Shopify Integration Last Run Time

When the ECon sync ran, it was storing it's last runtime as the time the sync finished rather than began. This meant that any Edge changes that occurred during the sync cycle could be missed the next time the sync occurred.


Inventory Reports - Sold Bulk

Sold bulk items were being excluded from inventory reports.


EDT - Webstore Change

EDT now honors the webstore setting from Edge configuration.