Program Introduction and Coverage


Along with Montage Jewelry Care, The Edge has integrated jewelry care programs for you to offer your customers at point of sale.  The true beauty of these programs is that there is no up-front cost to you.

Program Coverage

Programs are offered by type of merchandise:  jewelry and watches.  Note that The Edge offers associated plans based on the item’s category.  See the section entitled Care Plan Category Options.  For more about working with categories, see the section in The Edge User Guide entitled Categories 

Coverage may include services such as those described in the sections that follow:

Jewelry Care

•    Accent stones lost because of defective mounting*
•    Pearl restringing
•    Soldering
•    Shank repair
•    Prong Retipping
•    Clasp & chain repair
•    Earring back replacement
•    One re-sizing
•    Rhodium replating
•    Protects against kinks or knots, dents, chips, breaks, cracks, thinning ring bands, gouges and scratches.

* Center stones are covered under Lifetime coverage.

Watch Care

•    Movement repair
•    Crystal repair/replacement
•    Crown repair
•    Stem replacement
•    Water damage
•    One strap replacement per calendar year
•    One-time refurbishment for case, bracelet, or clasp
•    Protects against mechanical failure and covered refurbishment of watches.


Program Terms

Available program terms break down as follows:  

Merchandise Watches
o    2-year coverage
o    3-year coverage
o    5-year coverage
o    Lifetime – includes center stone
o    1-year coverage
o    2-year coverage
o    3-year coverage
o    5-year coverage


Here's how to get started:

1.    Contact The Edge Customer Service team at or Montage Jewelry Care Sales Support at (888) 652-9970.
2.    You’ll be licensed by one of The Edge’s care plan partners, in this case, Montage.
3.    Your Edge license will be updated to show your enrollment and the programs you wish to offer your customers.  Care plans are tied to the store license, but there is a flag at the account level
4.    After you have set up your account with the care plan partner, The Edge Customer Service team will update your license and send it to you.  Install your license and reboot The Edge.

NOTE:  It is through the license information that Montage will bill you for the cost of the plans.

Partner Contact Information

Montage will provide you with access to a portal where you can view activity and make claims for repair reimbursement.



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