Clientbook Integration: What Data is Synchronized?


In Edge, you have the choice to either synchronize all customers OR select the customers you want to synchronize.  If selecting customers, you have the option to do them one at a time or you can select multiple at once from any customer list view.

In Clientbook, newly added customers are automatically downloaded to Edge.  Before adding them as a new record, ECon attempts to match to an existing Edge customer based on email to prevent duplicate entries.  Customers originating from Clientbook in this manner are automatically set to synchronize.

Customers that are set to synchronize will transmit some data unidirectionally (one way flow) and some data bidirectionally (changes go back and forth).  

Customer information that synchronizes includes:

Contact Methods (Phone/Email/Address) [bidirectional]

  • Edge Customer Contact Methods upload to Clientbook.
  • Contact Method changes made in Edge will overwrite (update) the Clientbook customer data.
  • Contact Method changes made in Clientbook will import as new Edge contact methods rather than updating/erasing existing.
    o    For example, if you change a customer email address on Clientbook, we will import that change to Edge as a new contact method instead of updating the original value.  This is intentional to prevent data loss in the Edge.

Edge Customer Custom Fields = Clientbook Customer Preferences [bidirectional]

  • Edge Customer Custom fields are found on the Other Keys tab of the Edge Customer Record and can be customized via System Options.
  • Edge Customer Custom fields can be mapped to Clientbook Customer Preferences.
  • Changes made in Edge upload to Clientbook and vice-versa.
    o    Acquisition (the first why-in) is the exception.  It will upload from Edge to Clientbook, and will download from Clientbook for new customers, but changes made in Clientbook will not overwrite your original Acquisition in Edge.

Edge Wish Lists = Clientbook Collections [bidirectional]

  • Edge Wish Lists upload to a Clientbook Collection named Edge.
    o    Supports both stock and non-stock wishes.
  • Changes made to Edge wish lists upload to Clientbook and vice-versa.
    o    Only changes to the Collection named Edge on the Clientbook customer synchronize.  Other Collections are ignored.
  • Edge wish list items will also appear as Clientbook Products.

Edge Notes = Clientbook Recent Activity [bidirectional]

  • Edge Customer Notes upload to Clientbook Recent Activity.
  • Clientbook Recent Activity downloads as Edge Notes.
  • Changes made to existing notes in Edge upload to Clientbook and vice-versa.

Edge Sales History = Clientbook Client Purchases [unidirectional]

  • Edge Sales History uploads to Clientbook Client Purchases.
  • Sold Edge items are uploaded as archived Clientbook Products.
  • Edge Service Jobs will also have ‘dummyarchived Product records created with the details of the job.

Clientbook Messages (Emails/Texts) [unidirectional]

  • Messages (emails or texts) sent through Clientbook download to Edge and appear on the Edge Customer’s Activity tab.
  • This is not related or linked to Edge notifications, though you do have the option to use Clientbook as your Edge SMS provider.  Edge notification data will not appear in Clientbook.


Edge items, wish lists, and service jobs are uploaded to Clientbook as Products.

On Hand Inventory

  • On hand Edge inventory is uploaded as Clientbook Products.
  • There are filters available to exclude specific categories, vendors, and/or inventory types (memo, consignment, trade, etc).

Sold Inventory

  • If you upload an Edge Customer’s Sales History, any related sold items are uploaded to Clientbook Archived Products.
    o    Includes sold (picked up) Special Orders.

Wish Lists

  • If synchronizing Customer wish lists (Clientbook Collections), each uploaded wish list item will have a matching Clientbook Product record.

Service Jobs

  • If you upload an Edge Customer’s Sales History, each service job (repair / custom / appraisal) record will have a matching Clientbook Archived Product record.


Edge associates do not upload and must be manually added to Clientbook and mapped to an Edge Associate number.

  • Each Clientbook Associate record has a Point of Sale ID field where you map the Clientbook Associate to the Edge Associate by manually entering that associate’s corresponding Edge Associate number.
    o    When importing changes from Clientbook to Edge, this is used to record who made the change.  
    o    In ECon setup, there is a field to specify a default Edge Associate to use in the event a Clientbook Associate makes a change and does not have a Point of Sale ID on file.
  • The Edge Customer’s Assigned Associate field does not currently map to Clientbook and is ignored.


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